10 Things To Consider When Buying Silk Sheets 2023

Silk sheets provide the ultimate comfort during sleep. Once you purchase silk sheets, you will absolutely be going to love them and want to buy it again for your bed, but only if you have gotten the high-quality silk sheets. Finding the best silk sheet can be very difficult and can be annoying as well. Silk sheets are very beneficial for your health as well. Silk sheets has many other advantages such as:
• It helps fighting allergies
• Silk sheets can help hair and skin to retain moisture and make it look fresh.
• Many people get sleep wrinkles because of sleeping in the same position on regular bedsheets. On the contrary, silk sheets prevent these wrinkles as well.
• Besides all these, these silk sheets help regulate the body and provide ultimate luxuriousness to you and your bed.

Now that you know silk sheets have many benefits, you probably want to buy one. If you are already a user of silk sheets, you may probably know, but for those who want to buy it for the first time, here are some things to check or to think about when you are buying silk sheets.

1. Check The Weight:

The weight of silk sheets varies differently. A unit named “momme” is used to measure the weight of silk. Mostly, silk sheets of weight ranging from 19 mm to 25 mm are considered the best. Silk sheets with weight less than 19 mm are not suitable for beds and are considered lighter weight. Similarly, silk sheets with weight greater than 30 mm are considered heavy weight. Heavier weight silk sheets cost is usually high. Do consider the weight of the silk sheet that if they are suitable or not. If the size of weight is not mentioned in the product description when buying silk sheets, try not to buy that or at least confirm the weight from the seller.

2. Check The Quality:

Considering the quality of silk sheets is really important. Quality can change your perspective about silk sheets. If you just buy a silk sheet without checking the quality, the experience might be bad, and you do not want to buy these again. On the contrary, if you check the silk sheets that you are buying are of top-quality, you definitely want to buy it again for your bedding. Top quality silk sheets are mulberry. The fibers of this sheet are long and uniform making it smoother, more comfortable and durable. Although most silk sheets in the market are made of mulberry, there are some which are made of similar fabric but are not mulberry.

You should check the quality of silk sheets as well when buying silk sheets from anywhere. If it is not clearly mentioned in the product description, try to avoid it or ask the seller about it. Mulberry silk sheets are considered Grade A in terms of quality. Further it is categorized in A,2A,3A,4A,5A, 6A, and 6A+.

3. Check Whether the Silk Sheets Are Fake or Real?

Many fake silk sheets are also available in the market and those who don’t know the difference between the fake and real silk sheets might get confused and buy the fake one. So, here we are going to tell you how you can find the difference between the fake silk sheet and the real silk sheet.

• One thing that is the simplest thing to check if the silk sheets are fake or real is to check the price. If you feel like the price is too good to be true, don’t buy. Because silk is an expensive textile, however, some manufacturers can afford to sell it at affordable prices but if you find that the silk is too cheap then there is possibility that it is fake.

• You can also judge it from the appearance of the silk whether it is fake or not. Real silk is not only shinny but also reflects light in different ways.

• Mostly it is written in the description about the sheet that it is silky satin. Well, it is a trick to confuse people, although, that silk is not real silk that is satin. Hence, do not buy the one where it is mentioned if you want to buy real silk.

There are several other tests that you can run to identify whether the silk is real or fake. One can simply be done by hand touch to see the smoothness of silk. Another test that you can instantly do is the ring test where you take a ring and pass the silk through that ring. The real ring will easily pass through the ring while the fake one can have difficulty passing through it. There is another test that you can do, but it is quite risky. The test is called the burning test where you have to burn your fabric. The smell of a real silk sheet burning smell is similar to burning hair and you can easily find out if it is silk, real silk produces brittle ask and stops burning as soon as you light off the lighter. If the smell is like burning plastic and does not leave ash afterwards then that silk is fake. Although we do not recommend this last test but if you really want to do it then it will be up to you. You can read our extensive guide on how to distinguish real silk from fake silk as well. 

4. Check Whether the Silk Has Been Tested to Be Free from Harmful Toxins:

Silk should be certified by some product safety agency or OEKO-TEX. OEKO-TEX label is the proof that your product or fabric is 100% free from harmful substances from fabric to thread and accessory used within. Silk is a 100% natural fabric and is perfect for people with sensitive skin as well. When buying silk sheets, if you check the safety certification with it, then it would be just perfect. You should definitely buy that silk and experience it if you are a silk lover. Nobody wants to buy sheets that have harmful toxins in them, this safety verification label convinces us to buy it. Do check safety certified label if you can.

5. Check Design Details When Buying Silk Sheets:

Of course, the design of sheets matters. Who says, you could just buy any silk sheet? Check the design details of the sheets set, many silk sheets come with at least one pillowcase. Check the design and check which one will suit your bed and will be the most comfortable for you. Usually, the seamless sheets are the most comfortable ones. Seamless sheets are those with no seams at all whether it be a single center one or two off center ones.

6. Choose the One Whose Care Is Not Difficult:

Usually, the care of silk sheets is mentioned in the description where you buy it. Still, choose the one that is machine washable, and a simple iron can do the remaining work. We recommend using silk laundry detergent sheets especially for silk for these silk sheets. I know no one wants to buy silk sheets which are really difficult to handle. So, buy that one where you do not have to put extra effort into its care. Although there are basic rules of taking care of silk that are given below:

• Do not use bleach or heavy detergents. They may damage the fiber.

• Do not machine dry. Try to air dry it.

• Do lightly iron to your silk sheets and it would be good to go.

7. Check The Company Before Buying Silk Sheets:

Before buying silk sheets, you must check the company from where you are buying them. The company must be well known and established to avoid any kind of scam. Also do check the reviews from customers on that website. Because people do want to help you buy the right one and they won’t lie to you. Trust the reviews and then go for that company to buy your best silk sheets. A reliable company wants to establish and does not want their customers to go anywhere else so they do ask their clients to give them reviews so that they can get better. Check the company profile when buying silk sheets, if you want to get the good one. Also, good companies have their support online as well. That way, you can ask them any question related to that silk sheet and clear your confusion.

8. Consider Your Requirements like Size, Color and Depth:

This is absolutely on you yourself. Everybody has some requirements when buying silk sheets. You must consider the size of your bed and buy the sheet according to that size. It would be useless if you bought a small bed sheet because it wouldn’t be covering all the space. Similarly, if you bought a large sized sheet, it would not look good on your bed. In the same way, the color and depth of the sheets also matter because everyone has a preference in the color and depth. So, do consider these factors as well for having good experience of silk sheets.

9. Consider The Orders and Order Details:

Before buying silk sheets, check previous orders from the site you are buying and check returns and cancelled orders that how many orders were cancelled by the company or by customers and what was the reason behind it. Apart from these, consider the shipping charges and shipping time. It should not be like you want to buy the silk sheets for some occasion, but the shipping time is exceeding that date. Again, as mentioned earlier, do check the customer reviews from site and ask them about their experiences.

10. Check The Prices of Silk Sheets:

The silks are usually high in price as they are natural fibers. If the price of silk sheets is too low, it might be possible that the sheet is fake. That means, it is not silk, it is just a substitute of silk, probably satin. Weight factor can also determine the price of silk sheets. The ones that are greater than 30mm are premium ones and are much more expensive than the standard ones. Some manufacturers managed to sell silk at affordable prices but that is very rare.

Promeed Meets Your Budget

Promeed Silk designs for a natural and better life. And sells the premium quality silk items at fair and affordable prices. A full range of silk products is available from us that are made from 100% Grade 6A/6A+ Mulberry silk fabric. All silk fabric used in our sheets, pillowcases, and accessories has been independently tested and certified by OEKO-TEX® as being free of harmful substances. And the quality of our silk sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and accessories, including eye masks and hair scrunchies are tested and certified by ISO 9001.

23MM Silk Series Bedding


To summarize it all, silk sheets are one of the best sheets to use. They are the most comfortable ones for sleeping and look luxurious. But finding the right silk sheet can be troublesome so we brought a list from where you can get an idea when choosing the silk sheets. You do not have to check all the points, just consider the main ones that are relevant for you. Like check if it is fake or real, check the customer reviews, check your requirements and all. We hope that these cross and checks will help you a lot in finding a good silk sheet and enjoy its smoothness.

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