Hidden Zipper or Envelope for Silk Pillowcases?

Silk pillowcases are popular among celebrities and notable personalities in the entertainment industry. There are numerous reasons why consumers prefer silk pillowcases over conventional pillowcases. Many happy consumers raved about the beauty benefits of silk pillowcases for skin and hair. If you have tried sleeping on one, chances are you will never go back to using your old pillowcase again.

There are essential factors in buying silk pillowcases, from choosing your preferred colour and appropriate pillowcase size to considering the momme weight (silk fabric standard weight measurement). Aside from these considerations, it would help if you also thought about the pillowcase closure. Your choice of pillowcase closure is integral to the overall attractive appearance and how it will keep your pillow in place. But most of all, it should also provide optimum sleeping comfort.

Different closures for silk pillowcases

The luxurious appeal of silk pillowcases should never be compromised from the quality of silk and how it is produced to the closure method. Various brands of silk pillowcases have different types of closure. In general, the closure systems of silk pillowcases are the button, envelope and hidden zipper. These three types of pillowcase closures have their advantages and disadvantages, allowing you to choose the best one for you.

What is Hidden Zipper Closure?

A hidden zipper is also known as an invisible zipper and can be utilized in various sewing requirements, from clothing pieces to home furnishing. Generally, the hidden zipper closure is sewn at the side or back seam. It will provide a flat finished look with a neater and streamlined fastening method which is ideal also for silk pillowcases.

Hidden zipper on silk pillowcases is quite popular among manufacturers. Neatly tucked into the pillowcase’s outer seam, this provides an aesthetically attractive appearance. Hidden zippers are also excellent for holding the pillows inside the silk pillowcases to keep them in place.

Steps to put a Hidden Zipper Silk Pillowcase on a Pillow

1. Hold the silk pillowcase up on the end, opposite the side where the pillow has an opening. Using your palm, grab the pillowcase end with the seam up to the middle part.

2. While grabbing and holding the pillowcase, turn it inside out over your arm.

3. Grab the pillow on its end using the same hand that holds the seam of the pillowcase. Both pillowcase and pillow should be in place in the same hand.

4. Gently pull the pillowcase down, sliding over the pillow until it's completely covered.

Pros and Cons of Hidden Zipper Pillowcase Closure


·      Hidden zippers look attractive with a neat line down the edges of the pillow

·      Secures the pillow in place inside the pillowcase

·      Prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt on the pillow

·      Provides more comfort without creases


·      Inferior quality zipper can cause snag and tear during washing

·      Requires care when closing or opening the zipper

Introducing Promeed Hidden Zipper Pillowcase

• Promeed silk pillowcases only utilize the best quality brand of a zipper. YKK zipper is a globally recognized brand with decades in the market, providing the best zippers to many well-known brands and companies. Tried and tested for years in various industries and quality crafted in Japan.

• YKK zipper brand quality made in Japan known worldwide

• Superior craftsmanship and the best zipper among other brands

• Maximum zipper opening for easy pillow insertion

• Easy glide zipper

• Zipper tail neatly covered

Promeed silk pillowcases with zipper

What is Envelope Closure?

Envelope pillowcase closure is the following preferred style by many silk pillowcase brands. It is designed with a flap extending over the pillow, providing a fitted closure. Instead of a zipper, the extended flaps serve as the pillowcase closure while holding it in place. When it comes to the envelope closure, you should consider the length of the extended flap that will fully cover the top end of the pillow and keep it tucked inside the pillowcase.

Steps to Put an Envelope Silk Pillowcase on a Pillow

1. Hold the pillowcase closed end in one hand

2. Grab the edge with the flap by the palm and gather them in the middle part

3. Turn the pillowcase over your arm

4. Hold the pillow’s end and gently roll over the pillowcase

5. Arrange the flap and make sure that it will cover enough area of the pillow

6. The longer flap should hold the pillow in the pillowcase with the other seamed part hanging loose over the inner flap

Pros and Cons of Envelope Silk Pillowcase


• Eliminates the use of a zipper

• Suggests comfort


• Visually unappealing

• The outer flap is not attractive

• Tendency to invite and trap dirt into the pillow

• Does not offer a snug fit to keep the pillow in place

Introducing Promeed Envelope Silk Pillowcase with lace

Silk pillowcases are regarded as luxurious beauty sleep companions. Favoured by many beautiful personalities in the entertainment industry, silk pillowcases improve hair texture while preventing hair fall and are suitable for maintaining healthy skin. Promeed silk pillowcase has slowly won the hearts of many consumers who value sleep by providing excellent quality and impeccable comfort.

When it comes to an elegantly designed silk pillowcase, Promeed has captured the chic beauty of lace on a good quality pillowcase at affordable prices. The Promeed envelope silk pillowcase with lace offers luxurious comfort with an added stunning detail of silk ribbons that come in various colours. It will provide a more secure fit for your pillow without worrying about a gap or loose end on your pillowcase. The lace also ensures a perfect envelope closure preventing your pillow from slipping off its pillowcase in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Promeed silk pillowcases with lace will ensure you a goodnight's beauty rest. So, indulge- you deserve it!

promeed silk pillowcases with envelope

New Arrivals 23mm Silk Pillowcases With Laundry Bags

I have been using silk pillow cases for years.. This is an outstanding product I'm very happy. So luxurious. Telling all my friends. Love to 2MM and the zipper.

-Rosanne T

For years I woke up with snarled hair, impossible to comb, but since I have been sleeping on this silk no more knots! My formerly rough elbows are smooth as a baby’s. My only wish is that I had discovered the many benefits a few years ago.

-Betsy C.

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