Six Things You Need to Know About Silk

Where Does Silk Come From?

The production of silk originates in China and dates back to 4000 BC. This luxury material was valued by high society and at some stage, its usage was permitted among imperial families only. Although silk later spread to other parts of the world, the art of silk production was confined to China until the opening of the Silk Road 114 years ago, although China maintained a monopoly on silk production for the next millennium. The use of silk in China is not limited to clothing, silk is also used in many other fields, such as writing and bedding. In terms of clothing, the color of the silk worn was also of social importance, forming an important social class guide during the Tang Dynasty.

How Is Silk Made?

Stage 1: The Egg

Stage 2: The Larva

Stage 3: Pupa

Stage 4:  Cocoon

Stage 5: Harvesting

Stage 6: Processing and Reeling

Stage 7: Twisting, Dyeing, and Weaving

Stage 8: Final Silk Products

The process of silk production has remained mostly the same for thousands of years, with some variations in techniques and technologies used in different regions.

How Is Silk Made into Fabric?

 "Silk satin" is a commonly used term when people refer to gorgeous silk products. And all kinds of silk fabric are made of silk, through textile tools, with changing interweaving rules and finally present different organizational structures. Just as the three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue are the basic units of color, plain weave, twill weave, and satin weave are the three primary weaves in fabrics, and they are the most basic weaves. Through different arrangements and combinations, it is enough to change dazzling textiles. The following is a detailed introduction to them.


Damask is a silk fabric characterized by twill weave, which can be divided into plain silk and grain silk. Plain damask is a single twill or twill variation fabric, and Wen damask is a single-layer dark pattern fabric on a twill ground. The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of damask fabric production, with a rich variety of fabrics, and the weave structure of twill weave with flowers on the ground appeared.

Viewed from different angles under the sun, the pattern appears stronger and weaker according to the angle of light, and the dark flowers are looming very beautifully.


1. Damask is a raw fabric, that is, it is woven from raw silk and then refined and dyed.

2. The surface has obvious twill lines and the texture is light and thin.

3. Used for painting and calligraphy mounting, making shirts, pajamas, brocade paintings, etc.


Ancient finished product

Modern finished product

Eyelet weave

A silk fabric that uses a strip-shaped warp weaves in whole or in part. dividend to Hengluo and Zhiluo.


1. The texture is light and thin, and the threads are slender

2. The fabric is tight and strong and has holes for ventilation

3. It is suitable for making summer clothing, embroidery blanks, and decorations.


Ancient finished product

Modern finished product


Silk is the most important type of silk fabric. There are many varieties of silk fabrics. According to the raw materials used, there are real silk, tussah silk, spun silk, synthetic fiber silk, etc.


1. Has a smooth texture and soft reflected light

2. medium-thick silk fabric

3. the lighter varieties can be used as shirts and dresses, and the heavier ones can be used as coats and trousers.


Ancient finished product

Modern finished product

Satin Weave

Satin weave is the latest one among the three original weaves. Satin weave fabric refers to silk fabric in which only one of the warp and weft yarns appears on the
surface of the fabric. Among silk products, satin weave fabrics are the most complex in technology, the most colorful in appearance, and the most advanced in craftsmanship.
1. Bright and smooth appearance
2. Smooth, soft, and has a very high gloss
3. It can be used as a cheongsam, quilt, bedding, padded jacket, etc.


Ancient finished product

Modern finished product


Brocade has a lofty status in silk fabrics. Brocade is a kind of colorful fabric. Here are a few examples of brocade that are more familiar to everyone today.

Han brocade

Classified from the organizational structure, it belongs to Jingjin. This is the earliest type of brocade that appeared in Chinese history. The color and flower are displayed by the warp thread, and the weft thread is the same color.

Shu Brocade

Produced in Chengdu, Sichuan, it has been famous since ancient times. During the period of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang of the Shu State used his military salary in wars to come from the sale of Shu brocade.

Song Brocade

Produced in Suzhou, Song brocade can be divided into heavy brocade, fine brocade, and box brocade according to the fine craftsmanship, quality of materials, thickness of fabric, and performance.

Exquisite Brocade

Exquisite Brocade is a relatively mixed concept. Historically, it is a compliment to the exquisite moiré fabric, and its main variety belongs to Zhuanghua, that is, the craft of digging shuttles.

Which Fabric Weave Promeed Use?

Understand that different fabrics can be woven through different weaving methods, and the texture of the fabrics also has its own characteristics. Because the satin weave is smooth, soft, and has a very high gloss, Promeed silk pillowcases, and silk bed sheets are all made of a satin weave. And Promeedadded an extra warp on the basis of the inherent warp and weft of satin, which not only makes the produced pillowcase/sheet more wear-resistant but also has higher softness and gloss. Whether lit by bedroom lights or in the first rays of the morning sun, our silk bed linens look stunning and luxurious.

How to Identify Artificial Silk

Cost - Artificial silk is usually cheaper.

Color - Genuine silk shimmers and doesn't have a flat, block color.

Smell & Flame - Real silk has a strong smell and an invisible flame when burnt, though it's an extreme method only to be performed safely. 

Touch - Real silk, a temperature-regulating fabric, can retain heat. It'll warm up when rubbed, unlike artificial silk.

Label - Items labeled as satin aren't silk. Satin is a man-made, less luxurious alternative.

The Ring Test - Real silk will smoothly slide through a ring, while artificial silk may bunch up or get caught

How Silk Benefits Our Life?

Antiaging Treatment While You Sleep

The legendary antiaging properties of silk are know for a number of years.

This exquisite, natural silk fabric is ideal for the delicate skin of the face. The role of silk in maintaining youthful skin is significant, as it helps to prevent the "pillow face" effect, which can lead to lasting wrinkles. Indeed, resting on a smooth silk pillowcase can diminish the visibility of facial lines. Its gentle, silky surface prevents sleep lines and minimizes skin dragging and friction. Once dermatologists confirmed the skin-revitalizing benefits of silk fabric, even after brief nighttime contact, items like silk towels, eye masks, bed linens, and pillowcases have become sought-after natural anti-aging products. 

Marilyn Monroe was known to sleep on silk sheets. While it's true that silk bedding is a luxury investment, the benefits are notable.

Silk fabric, being less absorbent than cotton, allows for more effective use of high-end overnight creams. Silk retains moisture, ensuring your skin product stays on your skin and isn't absorbed into your pillowcase. Whether you're sleeping on silk or wearing it, it's an excellent choice for maintaining your skin's natural moisture and keeping it healthy and smooth. For those with sensitive skin, organic silk fabric is an optimal choice due to its soft surface, which helps prevent skin irritation. Intriguingly, women who used silk pillows for a fortnight reported healthier-looking skin and fewer dark spots.

Delicate Treatment To Your Hair

Being a protein-rich fabric, silk has a unique ability to retain the natural moisture and oils of your hair, instead of draining them away. Silk materials have been observed to extend the life of blowouts and keep hairstyles looking fresh for longer, effectively reducing the occurrence of the dreaded "bedhead". In fact, regular sleep on silk pillowcases can lead to softer hair over time. Silk fabric is especially beneficial for delicate, brittle hair, as well as curly and heavily styled dry hair.

A group of Swiss scientists published research showing that sericin, the protein found in silk, can adhere to the keratin (protein) in skin and hair resulting in a "homogeneous the protective film"------ Cosmetics and Toiletries Journal

Perfect The Rmoregulator & Sleep Improver

The unique nature of silk fabric makes it an ideal regulator of temperature. It ensures the preservation of the body's optimal temperature, providing coolness in the hot summer months and warmth during the cold winter. Silk's remarkable ability to wick away moisture maintains a dry, comfortable feel in all weather conditions, throughout the year.

This naturally hypoallergenic material allows the skin to breathe, promoting the body's rejuvenation process and helping prevent perspiration. Silk's calming effect on the nervous the system activates many of the skin's sensory points, easing stress and aiding in falling asleep more easily.

In the face of prevalent issues like insomnia, undisturbed sleep is a necessity. Using silk bedding, which reduces friction, can significantly enhance sleep quality.

For women experiencing menopause and its associated symptoms, including hot flashes that cause sudden warmth in the face, neck, and chest, silk can be a game changer.

Sleeping in light, breathable silk pajamas or on cool silk sheets can help moderate body temperature. Silk fibers, known for their moisture-absorbing and temperature-regulating capabilities, keep bedding dry, and do not conduct heat like other materials.

Free from many potentially skin-irritating chemicals, this natural fiber can improve sleep quality. Moreover, with proper care, top-quality Mulberry silk bedding can have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

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I love this pillowcase more than any other. I love it’s silky smooth feel and that it zips up to prevent the pillow from spilling out. It’s so good for your hair to prevent breakage and for your face to help prevent acne. It feels more cool than other pillow cases. This is my favorite and now I’m going to order one for my daughter. Highly recommend Promeed silk pillowcases!


It’s a good weight of silk and well made

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This Promeed pillowcase is perfect! The zipper is at the end, unlike some cases, so it doesn’t ever scratch me or end up on my cheek. The silk is on both sides. It makes my hair not tangle and better yet, the pure silk absorbs a bit of grease from the roots of my hair. The polyester pillowcases don’t do that. It comes with information about how silk is made and a sample so you can test it to make sure it’s really silk. I can tell by how it behaves at this point, so I’m not testing it, but it’s nice that they did that.

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This pillowcase is very soft to the touch! The champagne color is easy on the eyes. It came out the packaging just as you see it, so it doesn’t wrinkle that much. It Also came with an info card describing details about how the pillow cover was made, this is a great bonus because it’s rare to get details on pillowcases and the fabrics. I would say this is definitely a premium fabric!

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Improved comfort and reduced bed-head!

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This is the first silk pillowcase that I have tried. I received the Promeed pillowcase and took a photo on one of my bed pillows; slept on it the first night before washing it. The next morning, noticed my hair was softer and didn’t look like I slept on it! Decided to wash the pillowcase to see how it held up. Hand-washed it in the morning and air-dried it by hanging on a rod over my dryer; it was dry after a few hours and it looked just as good as it did out of the package and without all creases. In addition to improved hair, also noticed a fresher feel to my face when I wake. When compared to my second pillow with a cotton pillowcase, I feel a definite improved level of temperature comfort, cooler and less “stuffy”. I’m very happy with Promeed silk pillowcase!


Well made pillowcase, light, shimmery silk

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This is a lovely silk pillowcase. I first tried a silk pillowcase a couple of years ago, thinking it would just a one-time splurge and fun to try. But, I liked it so much, that I now have several of them and I have purchased them for my daughters and granddaughter and given some as gifts, too. They are just so nice to sleep on and my hair just glides over them. 


PROMEED 23 Momme White Silk Pillowcase, 100% Natural Mulberry Silk is Breathable and Soft

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The pillowcase is easy care, hand or machine wash in the included free laundry bag on a gentle cycle. Do remember to use ph-neutral liquid detergent and NEVER use dry detergent. Hang to dry. These pillowcases are more durable than common silk pillowcases and remain smooth after many washes. I absolutely love this pillow case! Zips with an invisible zipper and feels amazing on my face.

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