Best Silk Sheets for Insomnia


o you ever find yourself trapped in a never-ending cycle of exhaustion? 

It's frustrating when you diligently aim for the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep, yet wake up each morning feeling weary and sluggish. If this resonates with you, take solace in the fact that you're not alone. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans have chronic, or ongoing, sleep disorders. The sheer magnitude of this statistic underscores the widespread impact of sleep-related challenges on individuals across the country.

Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from insomnia or other sleep problems, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine . So that can bump up your risk as well. 

So it is very important to prevent or alleviate (if you already have mild symptoms) from now on!

What We Can Do?

Based on National Health Service Suggestions:

  • go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

  • relax at least 1 hour before bed, for example, take a bath or read a book

  • make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet – use curtains, blinds, an eye mask, or ear plugs if needed

  • exercise regularly during the day

  • make sure your mattress, pillows, and covers are comfortable

It’s About Time To Start Investing in Good Sleep!!

Silks fiber is rich in nutrients and is the best fabric to sleep on. Silk is calming to the nervous system and stimulates many of the skin's sensory points, reducing stress so you fall asleep easier. Undisturbed sleep is what most of us need at the present time. Using silk bedding with less friction really helps improve the quality of sleep.

Not only comfort experience, but also

  • Moisturizing Care: The properties of silk can help keep skin and hair hydrated, reduce skin dryness and hair tangles, allowing you to have hydrated skin and smooth hair.

  • Sensitive Skin Friendly: Silk is a natural hypoallergenic fiber, perfect for people with sensitive skin. Its smooth surface reduces the risk of irritation and allergic reactions.

  • Breathability & Temperature Regulation: The silk four-piece set has good breathability and can regulate body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, creating a comfortable sleeping environment.

  • Luxurious Enjoy: The luster and texture of the silk four-piece set will add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, making every night's sleep a luxury.

What's the Promeed?

Promeed is a silk textile company, that specializes in creating high-quality silk bedding products, including silk pillowcases, silk sheets, and silk accessories. At Promeed, we are proud to offer high-quality, affordable silk bedding products that promote better sleep and healthier skin and hair. We are committed to our customer's satisfaction and strive to create a brand that is accessible to everyone. With Promeed Silk, you can enjoy the many benefits of silk bedding, without having to pay a premium price.

What kind of silk does Promeed use?

Now the most common types of silk are mulberry silk, tussah silk, and castor silk. Both tussah silk and castor silk grow in the wild, while mulberry silk grows in a place with suitable temperature and soil. And due to the most suitable temperature for silkworm rearing is 23.8-25°C (74.8-77℉), and the silk spun by silkworms raised in areas between 20.54 to 26.24 degrees north latitude and 104.26 to 112.04 degrees east longitude is the best quality. And this is what kind of silk Promeed uses.

Mulberry Silk

Tussah Silk

Castor Silk

Which silk grade does Promeed use?

Not only are there different types of silk, but mulberry silk is also classified according to many factors, including thread regularity, cleanliness, neatness, batch variance, assay, breaking point, strength, elasticity, Ph, content, and cohesion. Each classification is expressed as a grade: 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, etc.

Premium grades are identified by the letter A, and Grade A is the best long staple - a single fiber longer than a mile of uninterrupted thread. All Promeed silk products use only grade 6A/6A+ mulberry silk fabric.

Why Promeed silk bed sheets must use long fibers?

A mile-long uninterrupted thread length of individual fibers means that the thread is uninterrupted during the twisting process, so the fabric woven from this thread is very stable, and after long-term use, it will not produce broken fibers, that is, it will not produce dust like short fibers such as cotton (recall that after your cotton quilt has been used for a period of time, will it produce a lot of "dust" when you beating it, that is broken fibers. 6A long mulberry silk fiber will not happen), so silk bedding is extremely friendly to people with asthma and allergies.

What kind of weave of silk fabric does Promeed use?

Because the satin weave is smooth, soft, and has a very high gloss, Promeed silk pillowcases, and silk bed sheets are all made of a satin weave. And Promeed added an extra warp on the basis of the inherent warp and weft of satin, which not only makes the produced pillowcase/sheet more wear-resistant but also has higher softness and gloss. Whether lit by bedroom lights or in the first rays of the morning sun, our silk bed linens look stunning and luxurious.

The Momme of Promeed silk bed sheets

The quality of silk fabrics is usually measured by the momme number. The higher the momme number, the better the gloss of the fabric and the more wear-resistant it is. It is generally considered that fabrics below 14m/m are light and thin fabrics, 14-28m/m are medium-thick fabrics, and above 28m/m are heavy fabrics. Promeed's silk bed sheets are available in 22mm, 23mm, 25mm, and 30mm

23mm Silk Bedding

6% thicker than 19mm

Price starts from $179.99

6 Colors

25mm Silk Bedding

10% thicker than 19mm

Price starts from $299.99

5 Colors

OEKO Certification

When choosing silk bedding, since silk will be in contact with your skin for hours on end, it is important to choose fabrics that have not been industrially treated and not spiked with harmful chemicals and dyes that can be toxic to your health Harmful. At Promeed, we set the highest standards for all our products from the beginning of the production process right through to the finished product.

We are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the leader in textile safety. Silk production, dyes, buttons, zippers, and elastics are all tested and free from harmful chemicals and dyes. This is not only good for your health, but also good for the sustainable development of the planet.

Promeed silk sheets machine washable

Promeed silk bed sheets package comes with a free laundry bag and laundry detergent sheets for machine wash. Extend the life of your delicates comes easy with Promeed care.

The Best Silk Sheets Promeed Recommended For First Try

Sale Off
23mm 6A+ Silk Fitted Sheets Set 3pcs - promeedsilk
Queen(60"x 80"+16")King(76"x 80"+16")Cal. King(72"x 84"+16")
DuskGoldChampagneWhiteLight GreyPink

*Save Extra 15% Off: SH15

What's in the package?

1* 23mm silk fitted sheet

2* 23mm silk pillowcases

1* mesh laundry bag for easy care

1* silk laundry detergent sheet for a free trial (1 piece, 3 loads)

1* fabric swatch for genuine silk test

Who Recommends Promeed?

Our products have been highly praised by hundreds of influencers on IG. They have personally tested and praised our product quality, logistics, service, and other aspects. It is a pleasure for Promeed.

Promeed Influencers

At the same time, we have also received thousands of positive comments from customers, which makes us more convinced that we are doing the right thing.

Happy Promeed Customers

Jamie T

I was speculative

Verified Purchase

I love this pillowcase more than any other. I love it’s silky smooth feel and that it zips up to prevent the pillow from spilling out. It’s so good for your hair to prevent breakage and for your face to help prevent acne. It feels more cool than other pillow cases. This is my favorite and now I’m going to order one for my daughter. Highly recommend Promeed silk pillowcases!

 It’s a good weight of silk and well made

Verified Purchase

This Promeed pillowcase is perfect! The zipper is at the end, unlike some cases, so it doesn’t ever scratch me or end up on my cheek. The silk is on both sides. It makes my hair not tangle and better yet, the pure silk absorbs a bit of grease from the roots of my hair. The polyester pillowcases don’t do that. It comes with information about how silk is made and a sample so you can test it to make sure it’s really silk. I can tell by how it behaves at this point, so I’m not testing it, but it’s nice that they did that.
༒ Ŀ

Luxurious and Ultra Soft!

Verified Purchase

This pillowcase is very soft to the touch! The champagne color is easy on the eyes. It came out the packaging just as you see it, so it doesn’t wrinkle that much. It Also came with an info card describing details about how the pillow cover was made, this is a great bonus because it’s rare to get details on pillowcases and the fabrics. I would say this is definitely a premium fabric!

natalie montana

Improved comfort and reduced bed-head!

Verified Purchase

This is the first silk pillowcase that I have tried. I received the Promeed pillowcase and took a photo on one of my bed pillows; slept on it the first night before washing it. The next morning, noticed my hair was softer and didn’t look like I slept on it! Decided to wash the pillowcase to see how it held up. Hand-washed it in the morning and air-dried it by hanging on a rod over my dryer; it was dry after a few hours and it looked just as good as it did out of the package and without all creases. In addition to improved hair, also noticed a fresher feel to my face when I wake. When compared to my second pillow with a cotton pillowcase, I feel a definite improved level of temperature comfort, cooler and less “stuffy”. I’m very happy with Promeed silk pillowcase!


Well made pillowcase, light, shimmery silk

Verified Purchase

This is a lovely silk pillowcase. I first tried a silk pillowcase a couple of years ago, thinking it would just a one-time splurge and fun to try. But, I liked it so much, that I now have several of them and I have purchased them for my daughters and granddaughter and given some as gifts, too. They are just so nice to sleep on and my hair just glides over them. 


PROMEED 23 Momme White Silk Pillowcase, 100% Natural Mulberry Silk is Breathable and Soft

Verified Purchase

The pillowcase is easy care, hand or machine wash in the included free laundry bag on a gentle cycle. Do remember to use ph-neutral liquid detergent and NEVER use dry detergent. Hang to dry. These pillowcases are more durable than common silk pillowcases and remain smooth after many washes. I absolutely love this pillow case! Zips with an invisible zipper and feels amazing on my face.

 Amy Malley

Affordable Silk Pillow Case

Verified Purchase

I've used polyester satin pillowcases before and this silk case feels MUCH better on my skin than a polyester satin case. It just feels more luxurious and breathable than polyester. This is a gorgeous 100% mulberry silk pillowcase. I purchased the queen size sheet as well about six weeks ago and I love the quality so I ordered this as well. Bonus is it came with a laundry bag! Do not hesitate to purchase these, the quality is supreme. Love Promeed!
K. Davis

Authentic and well made

Verified Purchase

I started sleeping on silk sheets about a dozen years ago. I don't sleep on them exclusively, but they are my favorite. Even when using other sheets, it's nice to have a single silk pillowcase for the hair and skin benefits. I appreciate all of the literature and fabric sample. Including a lingerie wash bag goes above and beyond and is unheard of at this price point. Others charge more for a single sided, lower momme case without any extras. I would not be surprised to see this in a home store for 3-4x this price. This is an incredible value and would make a lovely gift for anyone in your life who deserves a little pampering.
Racecar Backwards

Six stars!

Verified Purchase

The pillowcase itself is fantastic, and I’ve ordered quite a few silk pillowcases. The ‘extras’ make me want to give this a sixth star! At 23 mommes, this is a nice durable weight silk that will stand up to the frequent packing and unpacking of the pillow. It’s as luxuriously silky smooth as you would expect. The zipper closure is absolutely the right option for the travel size too, with the convenience of knowing the pillow will stay put in the case.

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