The New 3rd Gen Silk Bedding Sheets

100% 22mm Mulberry Silk, Maximize Protein Retention, Wrapping your entire body in the new silk all night long to reducing wrinkles, split ends and frizz.

You're about to experience a whole new level of sleep comfort with the Promeed 100% Pure 22 Momme Mulberry Silk Bedding Sheets. - Amelia Avery

You're at your most vulnerable while you're sleeping!

A silk bedding sheet is a game-changer when it comes to nourishing your hair and skin cure acne while you sleep. Friction from cotton aggravates your delicate skin and robs your face of the moisture and gentleness you need. The new generation silk fibers in Promeed will help counteract years of havoc that your regular beddings have been doing to you. Find out more benefits and compare the difference between other silk bedding sheets below.

Do you wake up tired?, Improve your Sleep hygiene to wake up feeling refreshed.

You don't know that!

Your beddings get covered in dead skin cells, oils from the skin, and sweat, which makes them a playground for dust mites.

Dust mites are tiny creatures that live in your bed and feed on dead skin flakes. They can be identified by their bacterial swabs.

This can make for a dust mite paradise.

These little critters are too small to see with your eyes, but they live in your bed and make a meal from dead skin flakes.
Bacterial swabs from a toilet seat and pillowcase are indistinguishable.
The 1.5 grams of skin shed by a human each day can feed 1 million dust mites & bed bugs.
Many people are allergic to dust mites and their feces. Yup, you've got bugs pooing on your pillowcase!

#Throw That Old Terrible Bedding Away!

Introducing The 3rd Generation 100% Mulberry Silk

1st Gen Silk Products
2nd Gen Silk Products
3rd Gen Silk Products (Promeed)
Maximum protein retention
Less Friction
Single Warp, No Twisting
Moisture Retention
No Toxic Chemicals
100% Pure Mulberry Silk
22-25 Momme High Grade Fibers
100% Reactive Dyes | Color Locker
Reduct Stitching Area | Seamless & Frictionless

There is no better feeling than the soft, smooth and luxuriousness of our new silk when you go to bed at night!

It's a life changing experience!


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Off-sericin Tech, Maximum protein retention

In order to avoid adhesion during the weaving process and reduce the defective rate, the first and second generation products will remove a large amount of sericin before weaving. This greatly reduces the effective components of silk. Our new technology overcomes this problem and retains most of the silk protein. The amount of silk protein has risen by 300%.


  • More silk protein can help you reduce wrinkles during sleep.
  • Effectively protects damaged hair and keeps hair radiant.
  • Reduce the roughness of the hair and smooth the split ends on the hair.

Single Warp, No Twisting

In the traditional process, the weaving of real silk often uses multi-warp twisting to strengthen the strength of the silk thread, because most businesses do not use high-standard silk threads. We used high-standard silk threads throughout the process and defined new weaving methods, which made a breakthrough in the smoothness of the fabric without reducing the strength of the fabric.


coefficient of friction


  • Softer without reducing strength.
  • The friction coefficient of the fabric is smaller, which further reduces the generation of skin wrinkles.
  • The twist is reduced and the gloss is softer.

Color Lock, Lasting

All our products use reactive dyes, which are more environmentally friendly and can effectively increase color fastness.


  • Non-polluting reactive dyes are more skin-friendly.
  • Better color fastness, the color is still gorgeous after washing.
  • Many colors are available.

Process improvement, Better experience

No Perceptual Label

The comfortable touch experience makes you unable to feel the existence of the label.

Seamless and Frictionless

We used advanced cutting technology, eliminated the seams, and improved the touch.

Improved Zipper Opening

Pillowcases have always been a hassle. We maximized the opening for easy insertion.

View Our Products Based On Various Momme Options

19 Momme Series


22 Momme Series


25 Momme Series

High density.

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