Butterfly Cut With Bangs: 15 Looks And Essential Care Tips

April 05,2024


The butterfly haircut has been taking the beauty world by storm lately. This trendy cut gets its name from the winged layers that frame the face, mimicking a butterfly's elegant shape. With added volume, movement, and opportunities for customization, it's no wonder so many are going wild for this style!

This fluttery cut first emerged as a revival of the shaggy, layered hairstyles popular in the 1970s. But today's interpretations give this vintage vibe a thoroughly modern and fresh spin. From edgy and rock-inspired looks to soft, romantic versions, the butterfly cut offers endless versatility. 

In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about this must-try cut. You'll get a full breakdown of what defines the style, plus 12 stunning inspirational looks ranging from short to long. We'll also cover all the essential tips for styling and caring for your butterfly layers at home. Get ready for major hair inspo!


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All About The Butterfly Haircut

So what exactly is the butterfly haircut? At its core, this cut uses strategic shorter layers around the face to create that signature winged, flared-out silhouette reminiscent of butterfly wings. 

The shorter pieces are strategically cut and dispersed throughout the interior layers to craft texture and body. This gives the butterfly cut a beautifully tousled effect with amped-up volume at the roots.

Typically, the layers get gradually longer towards the back, though hair can remain at or above shoulder-length overall. Longer layers in the back help counterbalance the volume on top for a look that appears both weighted and airy.

In addition to those face-framing wings, many interpretations of this cut feature some version of bangs - from hints of fringe to fuller curtain or bardot styles. The bangs lend even more flirty, feathery movement.

Versatility is one of the major draws of the butterfly haircut. The length and density of the inner layers can be customized based on your hair texture, face shape, and desired vibe. Different styling techniques, from shaggy and undone to glam and flowy, put personal spins on the look.

This cut suits most hair textures and types, though it does work best on hair with some natural wave or curl. The layers create shape and volume that can otherwise fall flat on very straight hair textures.

Now that you understand the bones of this style, let's check out some show-stopping examples that'll convince you to book that salon appointment ASAP!

15 Stunning Variations of the Butterfly Haircut

From bold and edgy styles to delicate and ethereal looks, these 15 butterfly cut inspirations have something for everyone.

1) Blonde Butterfly Haircut With Curtain Bangs

Perfectly blended roots and soft blonde highlights give a California-cool vibe to this longer butterfly cut. The long curtain bangs create a pretty, face-framing shape while interior layers keep the style full of movement and volume. This subtler take on the butterfly is ideal for those wanting a gentler ease into the trend.

2) Beachy Butterfly Haircut

This variation makes big waves! Tight spiral curls combined with voluminous layering at the crown create a butterfly style packed with texture and body. Ask your stylist to cut the face-framing layers shorter at chin-length, then leave extra length in the back for that quintessential beachy finish.

3) Straight Butterfly Cut with Bangs

Who says this style is just for curls and waves? Here we see the butterfly cut executed beautifully on straighter hair types. Choppy bangs combine with disconnected face-framing layers to highlight the winged silhouette. Blunt ends in the back keep the shape sleek and polished.

4) Long Butterfly Layers With Highlights

For anyone wanting to keep lots of length, go for extra-long layers reminiscent of a shag. Long, feathery pieces dispersed through the interior provide volume from the roots through the ends. Sun-kissed highlights peppered throughout add radiant dimension to the butterfly layers.

5) Romantic Butterfly Haircut for Thick Hair 

The butterfly cut can appear delicate and flowy or bold and impactful - it all comes down to density. This version shows how beautifully this style complements thick, lush hair textures. Layers upon layers create dreamy, feathered movement and shape that still looks soft and romantic.

6) Long, Subtle Butterfly Cut

Not ready to go full force with short layers? You can still get a taste of the butterfly effect with longer, subtle layers that create that gorgeous winged shape. This version keeps length below the collarbone while incorporating long curtain bangs to frame the face. The shorter face-framing layers are blended for lower-maintenance.

7) Bouncy Butterfly Haircut

When you want a style that feels fresh, youthful, and filled with energy, try this bouncy version of the butterfly cut. Shorter layers amplify natural wave and curl patterns for a buoyant, springy finish. Blow drying with a round brush and securing with a flexible hairspray keeps all those lively layers intact.

8) Gorgeous Butterfly Haircut for Thin Hair

The butterfly cut works its magic on finer hair textures by creating much-needed volume and movement. With airy layers concentrated at the roots and crown, this fluttery style tricks the eye and adds thickness and dimension all over. Balayage highlights also help disguise any sparseness.

9) Fun and Colorful Butterfly Hairstyle  

Get playful and creative by incorporating vivid fashion colors into your butterfly layers! Coppery strands peeking through a bright auburn base add so much vibrance and visual interest. Pairing exaggerated face-framing layers with shorter bangs keeps the overall shape youthful and spirited.

10) Shoulder-Length Butterfly Haircut

Proof that incredible volume and shape can exist even on shorter strands! This shoulder-skimming butterfly cut creates striking width and texture through the front layers. Meanwhile, the back is trimmed in a curved line for polish. The resulting style flawlessly blends flirty layers with a refined, tucked-under finish.

11) Butterfly Haircut for Straight Hair

Another reminder that the butterfly cut flatters all hair textures, including very straight tresses! Angled, razored layers cut into the front achieve maximum flare and movement. The micro bangs lend extra edginess. Style with a pomade or smoothing balm to highlight the wings.

12) Butterfly Haircut for Round Faces

The butterfly layers offer an ideal option for sculpting and balancing round face shapes. Shorter layers falling at the jawline create elongating angles and contour. While interior layers span from short to long to keep the cut from appearing bottom-heavy. Soft, curtain-style bangs complete the flattering look.

13) Butterfly Braids: Elevate Your Look with Whimsical Elegance

Butterfly braids are a charming and intricate hairstyle that adds a touch of whimsy to your look. Resembling the delicate wings of a butterfly, these braids feature intricate patterns and weaving techniques that create a unique and eye-catching style.

Whether you're attending a special occasion or simply want to add flair to your everyday look, butterfly braids offer versatility and creativity. Accessorize with butterfly clips or ribbons to enhance the whimsical vibe, and enjoy a long-lasting style that turns heads wherever you go.

14) Butterfly Ponytail: Effortless Elegance with a Whimsical Twist

The butterfly ponytail is a charming and versatile hairstyle that combines the classic elegance of a ponytail with the whimsical flair of butterfly-inspired detailing. This hairstyle involves sweeping the hair back into a sleek and polished ponytail while incorporating butterfly-inspired layers cascading down the back. The result is a playful and romantic look that adds a touch of enchantment to any outfit or occasion. 

15) Butterfly Ombre: Embrace Gradient Beauty with a Touch of Whimsy

Butterfly ombre is a stunning hair coloring technique that blends seamlessly from dark to light tones, creating a soft and gradient effect reminiscent of butterfly wings. This enchanting style adds dimension and depth to your hair, with the darker roots transitioning gracefully into lighter ends. The butterfly ombre technique allows for endless creativity, with variations ranging from subtle to bold, depending on your preference.

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Tips For Styling And Caring For Your Butterfly Cut

Now that you have plenty of butterfly haircut inspiration, let's go over the most important tips for styling and extending the life of your new layers at home. 

Use the Right Brush

For the butterfly cut, hair experts recommend using a boar bristle brush to style. The natural bristles grip and smooth the hair cuticle while distributing body and natural oils down the lengths evenly. Be gentle when brushing bangs and layers, moving from ends upward to detangle.

Avoid over brushing and stick to detangling with a wide-tooth comb or fingers when possible. Too much brushing can cause the layers to look limp or spiky.

Style With Your Fingers

When shaping and defining your butterfly layers, try using your fingers as much as possible in place of brushes or combs. Your fingers will naturally enhance each layer's shape, providing the perfectly tousled and piecey feel this cut is known for. Simply twist and scrunch damp sections to form piece-y waves.

For straighter hair textures, use a bit of pomade or salt spray to rough up and flare out strands. Curl your fingers under shorter layers to create natural outward flips. On curlier hair, try raking products through to separate pieces.

Embrace Texture

This cut is all about creating visible texture, shape and movement. So rather than aiming for a sleek, smooth finish, play up the tousled, airy vibe. When drying, target your roots with your blow dryer and allow the ends to air dry naturally. Or diffuse curly hair to define and elongate waves.

You can also braid or twist dry hair, then unwind later to reveal extra texture and bend in the layers. Add targeted spritzes of texturizing spray or pomade as needed.

Get a Texture Boost

Speaking of texture, there are plenty of stylers designed to bring out your butterfly layers' full dimension. Look for products labeled as thickening, amplifying, texturing or volumizing. Some picks to try:

  • Mousse or volumizing foam to pump up root lift

  • Powder texturizers or dry shampoo for instant grit 

  • Waxes, gels or salt sprays to create undone texture

  • Curl creams or foaming mousses for waves and spirals

You can apply these both on clean hair and day-old styles to reshape and refresh layers as needed.

Dry In Sections

When blow drying your butterfly cut, many stylists recommend drying it in sections rather than all at once. This is especially key for creating intentional volume and shape. You can:

  • Lift hair at the roots with a vented brush while blow drying

  • Hover dry each layer individually, scrunching for shape

  • Use butterfly clips to keep layers separated during styling

  • Apply heat from roots to ends for maximum volume

Drying in sections allows you to target every layer, creating fuller body and piecey movement.

Prevent Frizz

It's a common issue for layered styles: the battle with frizz, flyaways, and unwanted pouf. Help tame unruly butterfly layers by incorporating frizz-fighting steps into your routine.

Start with smoothing products like serums, oils or leave-in creams packed with silicones. You can also hit stubborn strands with a blast of air from your blow dryer's cold shot button.

Other winning tactics include replacing your cotton pillowcase with a silk or satin one, as well as using microfiber towels instead of terry cloth. The gentle fabrics create less friction against your layers.

Add Layers to Refresh

Over time, layered cuts like the butterfly style will start growing out and falling flat. You'll lose that lovely flare and movement. So it's important to pencil in regular refresh trims (every 6 to 8 weeks is best).

During these appointments, your stylist can revive the cut by re-carving out those interior layers for max shape and volume. This helps ensure you maintain that signature winged butterfly shape between big cuts.

Switch Your Part

An easy way to change up your butterfly cut without a trip to the salon? Flipping or shifting your part. A deep side part instantly creates more volume, angles and airiness around the crown and face.

You can also part your hair in a zig-zag shape, or switch between left and right-side parts from day to day. The alteration in weight and styling enhances each layer for a pretty, voluminous look.

Finish With Shine

After putting in all the work to amplify your butterfly layers, cap off the style with a glossing product that seals the cuticle and boosts shine. Some options:

  • Hair oils or serums for extra smoothness

  • Shine sprays or mists for an all-over gloss

  • Lightweight hair creams packed with moisturizing shine

  • Edge taming gels or pomades

Apply these products very sparingly and concentrate just on the mid-lengths and ends, avoiding roots. The final glossy effect gives your layers a polished, healthy-looking finish.

Try Updos and Accessories

Who says your butterfly haircut has to always be worn down? Having fun with updos, clips and other accessories is a great way to switch things up.

For example, try loosely twisting or pinning shorter layers up and away from your face to show off their shape. Or use banana clips and claw clips to sweep back bangs and frame your layers from a new angle. 

Big claw clips or barrettes can create a half-up, half-down look showing off your beautiful layers from the back. Have fun experimenting with cute, youthful accessory styles!

Sleep in Braids or Buns

To ensure your butterfly layers and waves maintain their shape overnight, avoid sleeping on strands directly. Opt for protecting styles like braids, buns, twists or loose bantu knots.

You can also use a bonnet or large microfiber scrunchie to keep layers contained while you snooze. Just be sure not to tie hair up too tightly - the magic of this style is in its feathery, volumized shape!

Maintaining Your Butterfly Cut Long-Term

With a style as distinct as the butterfly cut, there are additional steps for keeping your layers looking fresh long-term.

One important tip: Don't let that initial cut go untrimmed for too long. The subtle, shattered interior layers will eventually grow out with the rest of your hair, losing that gorgeous winged shape.

Most experts recommend getting your butterfly cut re-shaped every 6 to 10 weeks to maintain the precise layer positions. This will involve trimming away extraneous length and cutting layers back in.

You can coordinate those trim appointments with your usual highlighting or toning sessions, too. Fresh babylights, balayage or glossing services instantly revive your hair and make those fluttery layers pop.

Between trim visits, utilize the right at-home styling techniques and layer-enhancing products. Rotating between air drying and diffusing can keep layers and waves intact. Dry texturizers, dry shampoos and volumizers provide day-to-day lift and pieceyness.

And lastly, don't forget to keep your strands strong and healthy overall. The butterfly cut requires detangling more frequently due to all those layers and interior pieces. Give your hair the TLC it needs by:

  • Gradually air drying when possible

  • Using heat protectants before styling

  • Getting regular light dusting trims

  • Sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases

With the right upkeep routine, you can enjoy your fresh butterfly layers for months before needing to re-shape the entire cut.

Protect Your Butterfly Cut Overnight With Promeed

Preserving the voluminous shape and fluttery movement of your butterfly haircut overnight is essential. Using the right hair accessories can make a huge difference in how your style looks each morning.

Wake Up to Frizz-Free Layers With Promeed Silk Pillowcases

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(Additional 10% off when buying from 2 pcs)

Regular cotton pillowcases can wreak havoc on all those gorgeous face-framing layers and piece-y bangs as you toss and turn at night. The rougher cotton fabric tugs and creates friction, leading to frizz, flyaways, and that dreaded bedhead look.

Upgrade to a Blissy 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase to protect your butterfly layers as you sleep. Silk's super smooth surface allows strands to glide effortlessly without any harsh pulling or snagging. You'll wake up with the winged layers and bangs looking freshly-styled rather than mashed down.

Plus, silk is naturally moisturizing thanks to its protein structure. Unlike thirsty cotton that can sap strands, silk helps lock in your hair's natural oils and hydration overnight. You'll have soft, silky, frizz-free layers every morning.

Keep Every Piece in Place With a Promeed Silk Bonnet

For extra insurance against friction and maintaining shape, reach for a Promeed 100% Mulberry Silk Bonnet. This roomy bonnet provides ample space for all those fluttery layers and bangs without smashing or bending them out of shape.

The bonnet's smooth silk creates a protective barrier around your entire butterfly cut. Each layer and tendril stays right where you styled it, from the brow-framing bangs to the longest winged pieces. You don't have to worry about pineappling or twisting up your hair.

Just style your hair, slip on the bonnet, and get your beauty sleep! When you take it off in the morning, those face-framing butterflies will look freshly tousled and defined, not bent or flattened. The bonnet also prevents any overnight moisture loss.

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Extend the Life of Your Flirty Butterfly Cut

With a style as distinctive as the butterfly cut featuring so many layers and intricately-placed pieces, you'll want to take some simple steps to really make it last between salon visits:

  • Stick to the recommended 6-10 week trim schedule to maintain length and shape

  • Use a boar bristle brush to gently smooth layers when styling

  • Alternate between air drying and diffusing to prevent heat damage  

  • Apply a hair oil or serum just to the lengths and ends to boost shine

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase or in a bonnet to protect winged pieces

  • Deep condition hair weekly to keep strands strong and moisturized

By taking a few easy measures like using Blissy's pure mulberry silk hair accessories, you can preserve the flirty, feathery movement and definition of your cut for weeks on end. No more struggling with wonky bedheads or layers going limp. Just a beautiful, effortless flutter every day!

Let Your Butterfly Layers Shine With Promeed Silk

A butterfly haircut offers such a fresh, youthful vibe with all those uplifting layers and face-framing shape. But keeping it looking its best from morning to night takes the right hair care approach.

Treat your winged layers to Blissy's pure mulberry silk pillowcases and hair bonnets. These luxuriously smooth accessories allow your hair to move and glide freely, preventing any bending or flattening. You'll wake up with your butterflies light, airy and full of life!

By caring for your cut with high-quality silk hair accessories, you can maintain that gorgeous, tousled finish for weeks between trims and salon visits. Your layers will stay flawlessly frizz-free and full of body, minus any wonky bedhead.

Enjoy the head-turning volume, movement, and customized shape of this must-try haircut all day and night. With the help of Blissy silk, you can fully let those flirty butterfly layers soar!

The Butterfly Haircut: Light, Airy Layers for Every Style

Between its effortless volume, customizable shapes, and flirty, face-framing movement, it's clear to see why the butterfly haircut has become such a smash beauty trend.
This cut perfectly balances shape and softness through strategic face-framing layers and feathery wisps of hair. From subtle and low-key to big and bold, there's a winged variation for every style vibe and hair type.
Ultimately, the butterfly layers provide dimensions, texture and body in areas that may otherwise fall flat. They add lightness and airiness to styles that feel weighed down.
So whether you go for a short and edgy finish, mermaid-inspired waves, or a shoulder-grazing bohemian look, the butterfly cut will surely elevate your hair game.
Just be sure to master the right styling and detangling techniques using the products and tools that help accentuate those gorgeous fluttery layers! A little extra TLC and embracing your hair's natural movement goes a long way towards nailing this trendy, It-girl hairstyle.
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