Mulberry Park Silks Vs Promeed : Which Is The Best Silk Pillowcase

You might have recently learned about the beauty and health advantages of resting your head on a silk pillowcase. Whether this knowledge came from a celebrity hairstylist, a dermatologist, or a beloved TikTok influencer, you're likely eager to give it a try firsthand.

Perhaps you've already begun your quest for the ideal silk pillowcase, and the contenders on your radar are Promeed and MulberryParkSilks. These two brands have high-quality silk pillowcases and accessible prices, both are dreamy brands for the first try.

Learn the Differences Between Promeed and Mulberry Park Silks

Prior to delving into the comparison of these luxury pillowcase brands, let's begin by examining the advantages of incorporating luxury sleep accessories, which notably include a pillowcase crafted from pure mulberry silk. 

Benefits of Opting for a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Throughout history, silk has been synonymous with elegance and luxury. This is partly due to its incredible sensation against the skin. While this luxurious texture alone is reason enough for many to choose it, the material also offers a myriad of other health and beauty advantages.

Why Choose Mulberry Silk Over Satin or Cotton Pillowcases?

You might find yourself pondering: why invest in a natural silk pillowcase when cotton or satin options are more affordable? Satin, being a weave and not a fabric, can yield mixed results, with numerous inexpensive satin pillowcases composed of non-breathable and synthetic polyester.

Cotton pillowcases might appear to be a natural and healthy choice. Undoubtedly, cotton boasts benefits for various products; however, it has a tendency to absorb moisture, potentially leading to the drying out of both your hair and skin. This is due to its dense weave and extended fibers, which contribute to moisture retention.

How Silk Pillowcase Benefits Our Life

1. Skin Health: Silk's natural properties help retain the skin's moisture, preventing dryness and promoting a smoother complexion. Its hypoallergenic nature is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin, reducing irritation and potential allergens.

2. Hair Care: By minimizing hair breakage and split ends caused by friction, silk pillowcases contribute to healthier and shinier hair. They also help extend the life of hairstyles, reducing the need for frequent styling and minimizing heat damage.

3. Sleep Quality: The softness and comfort of silk pillowcases provide an optimal sleep surface, enhancing overall sleep quality. They create a gentle and soothing environment that can contribute to more restful nights and reduced nighttime disturbances.

4. Temperature Regulation: Silk's natural breathability makes it an excellent temperature regulator. It helps dissipate excess heat during warm nights and retains warmth in colder conditions, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience year-round.

5. Hygiene and Maintenance: Silk is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew, making silk pillowcases a cleaner and healthier bedding option. They are also relatively low-maintenance, requiring less frequent washing compared to other materials.

Comparing the Luxury Brands of Silk Pillowcase: Promeed vs Mulberry Park Silks


Both the Promeed silk pillowcase and the Mulberry Park Silks silk pillowcase are made from grade 6A long-fiber mulberry silk. When shopping for the best silk pillowcase, 100% pure mulberry silk is the best choice.

Produced by silkworms residing in an ideal habitat and exclusively consuming mulberry leaves, these natural fibers are meticulously woven into consistently long and top-tier strands.

Momme Weight

Take into account the fabric's momme weight. You can liken momme count to thread count in cotton fabrics. A higher momme count indicates both beauty and delicacy in mulberry silk pillowcases. Promeed offers pillowcases with a 22-momme, 23-momme, 25-momme, and 30-momme weight, while Mulberry Park Silks offers 19-momme, 22-momme and 30-momme only.

Machine Washable

When choosing a pillowcase you want an easy-care option that you can machine wash on the delicate cycle setting or at least hand wash. Promeed silk pillowcase package comes with a free wash bag, which is for machine wash safely, while Mulberry Park Silks does not.

OEKO-TEX-certified pure silk undergoes a stringent production procedure that bars the use of harsh chemicals and other harmful substances. This ensures that what you receive is both secure and environmentally friendly. Both Promeed and Mulberry Park Silks carry this safety label

Like many, you probably prefer to ensure your satisfaction with a product before making a commitment. With Promeed, you have the opportunity to test our products for a full 60 days (that's 2 whole months!) with no risk involved. That means after the end of 60 days, if you don't like the product, you send it back for a full refund.

However, Mulberry Park Silks does not provide this extensive trial period. Their return window is limited to 30 days and only applies to damaged or faulty items. This approach might involve more uncertainty and risk.

Free And Fast Delivery

It's always nice when a company offers free delivery. Who wants to pay an extra $10-$15 for shipping after taxes?

Promeed knows you more than yourself, we offer free standard shipping in the USA and Canada, and free expedited shipping on orders over $69. 

Mulberry Park Silks only offers free standard delivery in the USA, and if you need your item(s) quickly, priority shipping needs checkout for an additional cost.


Price often serves as a deciding factor for numerous shoppers, while others prioritize assessing the overall value.

Promeed queen-size 23-momme silk pillowcase is $27.99 while Mulberry Park Silks' queen-size 22-momme one comes in at $60.

Overall Value

There are a lot of common features between Promeed and Mulberry Park Silks, but they are not identical. Clearly, Promeed's silk pillowcases are better for the first try. Not only is the price of the 23mm series of Promeed $30 lower than the 22mm series of Mulberry Park Silks, but Prommed also grants a 60-day free return with no risk involved. 

What Makes Promeed Silk Pillowcases Special?

In addition to the high purity standards, a Promeed pillowcase delivers a number of other qualities that make it unique:

Handmade: Promeed products are traditional silk textile

Machine washable: Every silk pillowcase package comes with a free wash bag and laundry detergent sheets for machine wash easily.

Zipper closure: Promeed's hidden zipper keeps the pillow securely inside and gives a tidy look

Risk-free period: Try it risk-free for 60 days

Customer Reviews: Promeed has more 5-star customer reviews than any other brand. See what they have to say in these reviews.

Broad size selection: Toddler, standard, queen, and king sizes

When comparing Promeed vs Mulberry Park Silks, the choice becomes easy. While both brands offer accessible prices, Promeed strict quality standards and range of sizes are the best investment for consumers conscious of their health and appearance.

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